Real 1tems Anti-Counterfeit Alliance

Between all anti-counterfeit efforts, Real Items positions itself as a neutral, non-competitor acting as an intermediary to create a space for co-development of various solutions combating counterfeiting and supply chain trustlessness using distributed ledger technologies.

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An Open Source Effort to a Global Problem

We believe that the market and space is big enough for multiple big and small parties to be involved and that everyone benefits from developing solutions that work together in various ways, whether that is connecting the API’s to share information, add open source resources into various repos or just exchange experiences and backslashes that different methods encountered.


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counterfeit value per year


Deaths per year

A DAO focused on global anti-counterfeit solutions

The goal of this alliance is to kickstart the joint focus on fighting counterfeiting and connect talent and resources to enable the saturation of the whole global market.

Our philosophy trusts in the DLT’s sense of creating something bigger and beneficial for all users and believes that companies can get together to co-develop if a space of dialogue and sharing is provided. We are doing exactly that.

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    Dedicated Support

    Our support team are engineers working on the products.

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    More than conversations

    The Alliance is active with solutions ready to be implemented.

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    Solution Alignment

    Truely agnostic to your company and product's needs. Bespoke authenticity.

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